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What is rental LED screen?

Sep 05, 2023

A rental LED screen, also known as an LED video wall rental, is a temporary solution for events and occasions where LED display technology is required on a temporary basis.  It refers to the practice of renting or leasing LED display panels or complete LED video walls for events or short-term installations.

Rental LED screens are commonly used for a wide range of events, including concerts, trade shows, conferences, exhibitions, corporate events, live broadcasts, weddings, and more.  These screens provide a visually striking and dynamic backdrop for various applications, such as displaying video content, live feeds, presentations, advertisements, and interactive content.


The main advantages of rental LED screens are flexibility and convenience.  Instead of investing in purchasing permanent LED display installations, event organizers or businesses can rent LED screens for the duration of their event or campaign, providing an immersive visual experience without the need for long-term commitment or capital expenditure.  Some companies specialize in providing rental LED screens and offer services such as installation, setup, and technical support.


Now the outdoor p3.91 panel is the more popular pixel.In addition, indoor p2.604, p2.976 are also popular rental modules.





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